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Products That Sold Well During the Pandemic and What is Selling Now

While the pandemic had numerous negative effects on all aspects of life, specific products that we once took for granted flourished. Disposable masks, hand sanitizer, latex gloves, plexiglass shields, and even toilet paper were exceeding all of our needs during such difficult times. However, once the chaos calmed and people/companies regained stability, the need for these now-everyday products wasn’t as large causing major overstocks within the closeout market. There was such an overproduction of hand sanitizer and disposable masks and the demand for these items slowed causing a huge amount of excess in the market.

Prices followed the supply and demand, continue to drop and people no longer need a pack of 100 disposable masks in a month or in the coming year.  In addition, the panic of not being able to get toilet paper, personal hygiene or cleaning products has leveled out and manufacturers have caught up with the demand.  We guess the odd yet understandable want for a hazmat suit went back to the Amazon wish-list vs being in high demand.